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            簡介 (About Us)

            紹興日月新材料有限公司由浙江日月首飾集團有限公司、浙江柏盛熱電集團有限公司、明盛國際(香港)投資集團有限公司出資于2011年5月成立,公司位于紹興縣濱海工業區濱海大道,占地300畝,注冊資金人民幣32000萬元。項目計劃分二期建設,引進7條BOPET特種新型聚酯薄膜生產線,投資總額約21億元。其中一期引進3條BOPET特種新型聚酯薄膜生產線,投資9億元,項目主設備引進自德國布魯克納,并配套了德國康普公司生產工藝先進的分切設備,在國內同行業處于領先地位,目標將生產中高端各類聚酯薄膜。 公司自2013年10月投產以來,產品各項指標和外觀平整度均達到了或超過國家行業標準,受到了客戶的肯定和高度評價。并取得到了ISO9001質量管理體系認證及ISO14001環境管理體系認證,通過了美國食品安全局FDA標準檢測。目前產品的厚度范圍:6-75micron,產品寬度范圍:500-3200mm,產品可以根據要求生產無電暈、單面電暈和化學涂覆處理。目前產品種類主要包括:鍍鋁膜、印刷膜、燙金膜、轉移膜、太陽膜、電氣絕緣膜、膠帶膜、護卡膜、金銀線膜、彩光板膜等等。公司堅持以“市場為行,品質為本,形象至上”經營方針,積極開拓、不斷進取努力使我司發展成為行業佼佼者。 

            Shaoxing Riyue New Materials co.,ltd,were founded in 2011, is one of the biggest   manufacturers  of polyester film. It is located in BINHAI INDUSTRIAL AREA,SHAOXING CITY, ZHEJIANG,CHINA.    ZHEJIANG SUNMOON GROUP CO,,LTD 、ZHEJIANG PASSION GROUP CO.LTD and HONGKONG MING RICH INVESTMENT GROUP CO.LTD   invested together total RMB 9 billion imported 3 advanced BOPET film production lines from  Germany Bruckner with an annual production capacity of 90,000 tons of film. All three production lines width 8.7m, thickness range 6micron to 100micron, Max speed can be 460m/min, and have 3 high speed online slitting machines imported from Germany KAMPF.

                    Our company has been certified to ISO19001:2008 Quality Management System, Our products have passed the inspection of SGS, meet the requirements of FDA and are identified as green and eco-friendly products without harmful substance.Our main products are  metallization base film, Printing base film,Hot stamping base film, Transfer-metallization base film, card lamination base film, Metallic yarn  base film, Reflector base film, Decorating base film, High transparency film, Solar base film, Adhesive tape film, Holographic base film, Electrical insulation base film, Normal packing base film, Chemical coating film, Anti-static film, Capacitor base film etc. mainly used in food, medicine, cosmetic box moistureproof protect outer packing, especially hot stamping carton packaging, audio products outside protection, such as laser audio-visual disk packing publication, paper packing, supermarket product-bundles packaging.   Our company can automatically adjust and produce different high-quality products according to different technological parameters, and the complete and advanced equipment ensures high quality of products.
             To promote the independent design, development and manufacture ability, our company makes technical cooperation with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, uses new materials and develops new products to meet customer demands.

            Our company management policy: Action follow the market,


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